Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saga af Larry

 "We’re playing the Knicks, and the Knicks had a trainer named Mike Saunders, and they were messing around on the court before the game.  Larry was a great trash talker.  He and Saunders were going back and forth, and Saunders bet Larry five bucks that Larry wouldn’t bank in a three-pointer during the game.  

So, we get in this game.  It’s a close game, and there’s like 40 seconds left when Saunders catches Larry’s attention from the sideline.  He was smiling and holding up five fingers, because Larry hadn’t banked one in at that point.  

And with about 20 seconds left Larry banks in a three-pointer to win the game, and he just turns to Saunders and smiles and holds up five fingers of his own.  Larry had that kind of nerve and confidence."

 -- Greg Kite, fyrrum samherji Larry Bird hjá Boston Celtics
    (til vinstri á myndinni hér fyrir neðan)